For those visiting the Monastery, this page contains a collection of weather links.  Given our rural location, no report is fully accurate, therefore multiple sources provide a better overview.

Forecast Links

Western Weather Group's Lake County Forecast: This is the most accurate weather report for our county.  It is written by forecasters for the local farming community and posted once a day, usually between 7:30 and 8 AM. 

NOAA Weather Forecast: Reliable, updates throughout the day.

Weather Underground Forecast: Based on data from the Monastery weather station (see more at right).

Dark Sky Forecast: Lots of details and radar maps.

Monastery Weather Station Data

The Monastery has a weather station on it’s property collecting data, it is linked to Weather Underground (Station ID: KCAKELSE26). You can see current and historical weather data (back to October 1, 2018) at these links. You may also access the data from any weather app that uses Weather Underground.

Monastery Weather Station on Weather Underground

Monastery Weather Station on Ambient Weather