Large Mosaic of Christ

Christ mosaic.jpg
Christ mosaic.jpg

Large Mosaic of Christ


Mosaic is 30-3/4 x 22-5/8 inches (1 inch thick)
Made by hand at the Monastery Workshop

This premium mosaic is made with genuine smalti tesserae (enameled glass) and gold leaf tesserae.  Tesserae are mortared onto a high quality 3/4 inch baltic birch plywood board.  A heavy duty museum quality wire hanger is mounted on the back for easy hanging on a wall.  * For more details see below.

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Our mosaics are made entirely by hand. The individual cubes of color (the "tesserae") are each cut by hand and placed into fresh mortar on the mosaic panel. The tesserae are made from Smalti Tile, sometimes referred to as Byzantine glass mosaic tile.

Smalti Tile is made by mixing molten glass with metal oxides for the different colors, forming slabs of enameled glass that are cooled and cut into individual pieces. To make the gold tesserae we use, the molten glass mixture is topped with gold leaf, followed by a thin glass film to protect the gold.

Each color and value change in a mosaic requires a different colored tessera. Placed next to each other, these subtle changes in color can form effects of light and shadow.

Because of the costly materials, since ancient times mosaics have been some of the most valuable and expensive forms of artwork. For this reason, mosaics have often been used as special offerings to the Church.

Sample of detail on our mosaics.

* Because of the extra care required to package and ship large mosaics we may take up to 14 days to prepare the shipment. Price includes shipping via UPS Ground, fully insured, within the USA, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. If you are purchasing outside of this region, would like another shipping method, or have any other questions please contact Father Moses before purchasing the mosaics.