St. Parthenius of Chios

Many years to Hieromonk Parthenius on his name day!  

A portrait of his heavenly patron, St. Parthenius of Chios, painted by the Monastery Workshop:


Fasting and the Immune System

An article in Tech Times dated June 7, 2014, presents a case for an unintended side-effect of fasting, namely the "re-generating" of stem cells.  

"Damaged and older cells" were destroyed in the process.  The article states that "This process is akin to recycling for the immune system."

The process is held to be particularly valuable for persons undergoing chemo-therapy.

The Tech Times article can be accessed here

Orthodox Christians undertake fasting for its spiritual values, but given the Church's traditional inclusion of the body within our ascetic practices, it seems that the spiritual blessings derived from integral fasting are extensive indeed.

+Bishop Sergios

Homily for Thomas Sunday (St. John 20:19-31)

A sermon preached at St. Silouan of Athos Chapel at St. Gregory of Sinai Monastery on April 27, 2014, by Hierodeacon Moses, with the blessing of His Grace, Bishop Sergios of Portland, Igoumenos of the Monastery.

In today’s Gospel reading we have two appearances of Christ to his apostles. In the first appearance Thomas is not present; the  apostles then tell Thomas about their visitation of Christ, and Thomas expresses doubt, saying that he must see Christ for himself. Then eight days later we have the second appearance of Christ, with Thomas present. Christ invites Thomas to touch him, he does so, and expresses belief.  Also note this other curious little fact: in both cases it says that Christ appeared to the apostles while the doors were shut.

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