Homily: Sunday of the Last Judgment (Matthew 25: 31-46)

A Sermon Preached at St Silouan of Athos Chapel at St Gregory of Sinai Monastery on Feb. 23, 2014, by Hierodeacon Moses (Fredricks) with the blessing of His Grace, Bishop Sergios of Portland, Igoumenos of the Monastery.

Today is the fourth of the Prelenten Sundays.  It is commonly called Meatfare Sunday, because it is the last day before Great Lent begins that the Church allows for the eating of meat. More specifically though, it is called the Sunday of the Last Judgment because the liturgical focus of the Church is on the Last Judgment of Christ and centers around the Gospel which we have just read from Saint Matthew.

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Man's Fate: Some Scriptural Evidence

By Bishop Sergios of Loch Lomond

Attention has recently been drawn to the fate of mankind after death.

As we approach the Sunday of The Second Coming of Christ, popularly known as “Meatfare”, we will hear one of the Saviour’s parables when the Gospel of Saint Matthew, 25: 31-46, is read:

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