The Monastery and the Missions of the Church

St Gregory of Sinai Monastery is currently involved, at the instance and with the blessing of our Bishop, His Eminence Auxentios of Etna and Portland, with staffing 3 diocesan Missions - SS Peter and Paul, in Tucson, Arizona; St Michael the Archangel, in Bakersfield, California, and a new mission in the San Francisco Bay Area, St George, in Piedmont, California.

Although our Monastery is small to begin with, we all see our participation in supplying a Priest to serve the Liturgy in these 3 areas as a service fully consonant with the monastic heritage, and we're grateful for the opportunity to help out at a time of acute clergy shortage - a problem hopefully about to be addressed when our new Theological School, St Photios in Etna, opens its doors to its first class of students.

Hieromonk Parthenios (Hansen) has been given charge of SS Peter and Paul in Tucson; Bishop Sergios and Hieromonk Patrick take turns serving at St Michael the Archangel in Bakersfield; and Bishop Sergios is serving at St George in Piedmont.  

This new community in the Bay Area had its first liturgy on Sunday August 28 (August 15 on the Church calendar), the Feast of the Dormition.  Fifteen people gathered in Piedmont for the service, much blessed by having a well-trained choir on hand.  Piedmont is adjacent to Oakland, and we hope that it can serve the needs of the largest urban area in Northern California worthily.

+Bishop Sergios of Portland (emeritus)

Sunday, November 15

On Sunday November 15, St Gregory of Sinai Monastery observed the first Sunday Liturgy served by the newly-ordained Hieromonk Patrick, Devteros of the Monastery and Director of its Ikon Workshop.

Father Patrick was joined for the weekend by his mother, Lorraine Doolan, of Scituate, Massachusetts and by a younger brother, William Doolan, of Norton, Massachusetts, as well as by a number of laymen with whom he has worked over the years - both those who worship regularly at the Monastery and others coming from afar.

It was a time of great joy for everyone who has known Father Patrick over the years, and the Monastery especially notes the contribution of Catherine Perkins of Sebastopol, California, who organized her Lake County house as a temporary home for the visitors.

Ordination of Schema-Monk Patrick to the Priesthood

The Igoumenos of St Gregory of Sinai Monastery, Bishop Sergios of Portland (emeritus), and his Brothers, are glad to announce the ordination to the Diaconate of the Monastery’s Co-Founder, Schema-Monk Patrick (Doolan), on Saturday, November 7, and to the Priesthood on Sunday, November 8, the Feast of the Great-Martyr Demetrios of Thessaloniki, by His Grace, Bishop Auxentios of Etna & Portland.   

The ordination to the Diaconate took place at St. Gregory Palamas Men’s Monastery in Etna, California, and to the Priesthood at St. Elizabeth the Grand Duchess of Russia Women’s Monastery in the same town.  A reception was given by St Elizabeth Monastery’s Abbess, Mother Elizabeth, and her Sisters, for the newly-ordained Hieromonk Patrick, attended by His Eminence, Archbishop Chrysostomos of Etna (Emeritus), His Grace, Bishop Auxentios of Etna & Portland, and His Grace, Bishop Sergios of Portland (Emeritus), Hieromonk Parthenios of St Gregory of Sinai Monastery, and laity who attend services at St Gregory of Sinai Monastery - John and Elizabeth Shenone and their children, and by Subdeacon James Kalbasky, from Camus, Washington, an old friend of St. Gregory’s.  

Additionally, Hieromonk Parthenios of St. Gregory’s Monastery was given the rank of Confessor by Bishop Auxentios.  Father Parthenios has charge of SS Peter & Paul Mission in Tucson, Arizona, in addition to his duties at St. Gregory of Sinai Monastery.  

Hierodeacon Moses, Oikonomos at St. Gregory of Sinai Monastery, served through the weekend of Father Patrick’s ordinations.  Hieromonk Patrick and Hierodeacon Moses compose St. Gregory of Sinai’s ikon workshop, together with Monk Theologos, who has charge of the workshop’s mosaic program.  

Hieromonk Patrick and Bishop Sergios established St Gregory of Sinai Monastery in Trinity County, California, with the blessing of the late Bishop Basil (Rodzianko), in 1983 when they were members of the OCA.  The Monastery later moved to Contra Costa County and finally, to its present location in Lake County, California.  

A reception will be held for Father Patrick at St. Gregory of Sinai Monastery on Sunday November 15, which will be attended by Father Patrick’s California friends who were unable to travel to Etna, as well as by Father Patrick’s mother and one of his brothers, Bill, coming in from Massachusetts.  The Monastery would like to thank everyone who joined it in prayer during the ordination weekend.  

Photos and a short article about the ordination can be found on the diocesan website at

+Bishop Sergios of Portland (Emeritus), Abbot of St Gregory of Sinai Monastery